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Signature Country CD

    This is the first of an ongoing cd compilation series  that is designed to showcase the various artists who  record on the NAD record label. There will be a  signature cd for all catagories of music such as gospel,  alternative, lite rock and r&b.

    "United We Stand" is the first cd offering in the  Signature Country series. We hope that you enjoy it as  much as we did in putting this project together.

Please Click On The Song Titles In Red To Listen To A Brief Sample Of Those Selections.
You must have the Real Media Player installed in order to listen to these selections. Click HERE to download the Real Media Player.
Song Title Artist
Voices In The Wind Michael Patrick
America America Libby Benson
They're Heroes In Our Eyes Dennie Hall
Why Can't The World Heaven Miller
Lady Liberty Gary James
What A Great Nation Dennie Hall
Our Flag Stands With Pride Gary James
Man To Man Libby Benson
An Angel We Know Dale Crockett
We The People Libby Benson
So Many Questions Rosalie Paige
God And Our Country Rosalie Paige
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