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Michael Patrick - C.E.O./Executive Producer/NAD Records
Michael Patrick is the C.E.O. and Executive Producer of NAD Records. He has spent most of his life performing in the music industry in one form or another. Michael has traveled throughout the United States singing with various groups live on stage. Songwriting has always been his favorite pastime and many of the 700 plus songs to his credit have been released for radio play both in the states and internationally. During his career Michael became aware of the many difficulties that a new artist experiences trying to become known in the music industry. That is the very reason that he felt the need to create New Artist Development, better known as NAD Records.
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With a passion to help those in the Industry achieve their goals, Michael set his destination for Nashville, Tennessee and began his journey to reach out and find those who need help and would listen to the facts, the facts being that in order to get your songs on the radio there are certain criteria that must be met. Having had interviews with countless hundreds who had spent thousands of dollars on recording only to find out they could not get radio play, Michael realized that even though they had a finished product, no station was able to play it because it lacked a record label, a publisher or a promoter behind it. He decided then that it was time to become a publisher in order to help these artists.

An artist could have the greatest product in the world but without publishing it was not going anywhere. He then initiated Flint Arrow Music Publishing and became a member of B.M.I. so that the publishing hurdle would not stand in an artist's way anymore. He had covered the label, publishing and promotion areas but there was still a need for management and booking. He went after that as well, without which the artist was still facing an uphill climb. Given these facts, he founded NAD Records, Inc.

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